Poker Top Twenty Named By Bluff Mag 

Poker Top Twenty Named By Bluff Mag

In an effort to capture the mighty industry that poker has become, as well as to recognize those most influential in making it so, Bluff Magazine has named “The Poker Power 20”, a list of the twenty names in the poker world that have contributed the most in 2005 to the popular game. In order to capture the complete picture, according to Bluff Editor Michael Caselli, the magazine named top money earners, companies, brain trusts and innovators. Most often when comparing who’s who in the poker world the players are the focus, but without the companies and organizations that support them and run the competitions, the players would have no where to go. Among the name on the list are the legendary Doyle Brunson, the Cinderella man Chris Moneymaker, WPT co-founder Lyle Bermenn and poker room stand out PokerStars.

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