?Rakebacks? New Poker Promo 

?Rakebacks? New Poker Promo

The competition among online poker rooms for warm virtual bodies to play on their Internet sites remains fierce, and continues to grow as more and more online sites join the crowding market. In an effort to keep customers as well as steal them from their competitors, sites like GoldenRevieraPoker are offering a new kind of incentive, called a ‘rakeback.’ A rake refers to the amount of money a casino takes out of each poker hand pot, typically a percentage of the pot, regardless of who wins. In this way the casino makes money every time a group of players play a hand of poker. With rackbacks, online casinos are refunding a percentage of the rakes taken from a player, and in addition they may include moneys contributed by other players. It is a form of profit sharing that may serve to entice those hard core poker players to stick around.

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