Father And Sons Hit Poker Jackpot 

Father And Sons Hit Poker Jackpot

When a person is said to hit a poker jackpot it usually means they have won a large tournament or other competition at the popular card game. Four Swedish IT entrepreneurs showed there is more than one way to do it, with the impending sale of their poker website set to make them all millionaires. Ongame, the operator of popular gaming site PokerRoom.com, will be sold to BETandWIN.com of Austria for a reported billion-kroner deal. Oskar, Karl and Johan Hornell, along with their father Erik, own just over half of Ongame, and will make around two and half billion kroner if the deal goes through. PokerRoom.com was started in 1999 and is ranked as the third largest online poker site in the world, with 6 million registered users. The site makes millions of dollars a year, with the bulk of the funds coming from Canadian and US markets.

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